Flumpool's New Single To Be Titled 'toutoi'

flumpool's new single to be titled 'Toutoi'

flumpool's new single to be released on December 27 will be titled "Toutoi."

Besides the title track, the single includes "To be continued…," which is the theme song for anime 'Infini-T Force,' and "WINNER," which is the image song for TBS' 'S☆1.' The single's limited edition will come with a DVD containing solo interviews with the members. It features footage of the members in the studio and out shopping at convenience stores along with a special arrangement of "Toutoi" recorded in one take.

The band's latest artist photo, as well as the jacket covers for the single, are illustrations that represent the worldview of "Toutoi."



[Regular Edition]

[Track List]


01. Toutoi
02. To be continued...
04. Toutoi(Instrumental)
05. To be continued...(Instrumental)
06. WINNER(Instrumental)

・「Toutoi」 Studio Session&Documentary