Former Akb48's Takajo Aki Marries Pro Soccer Player Takahashi Yuji

Former AKB48's Takajo Aki marries pro soccer player Takahashi Yuji

It's been reported that former AKB48 member Takajo Aki (27) and Takahashi Yuji (25) professional soccer player for Sagan Tosu, tied the knot on February 15. 

On her SNS account, Takajo commented, "Please excuse me for this personal matter, but today, I have registered my marriage with Sagan Tosu's Takahashi Yuji-san. By supporting each other as husband and wife, I hope to build a cheerful and peaceful family. I am still very immature, but please continue to support me." Takahashi wrote a similar message on his SNS account. 

Takajo joined AKB48 in 2008, but graduated in 2016. Since then, she has been active as an actress. Takahashi is a professional soccer player, but he has family in showbiz. His sisters are former model and actress Takahashi Maryjun and model Takahashi Yu. 

Takajo and Takahashi's relationship was first reported last November. According to Takajo's agency, she will plan on continuing her work in showbiz while putting family first. They are currently undecided about hold a wedding ceremony and reception.