Former Nmb48 Member Matsuda Shiori Is Married And Expecting First Child

Former NMB48 member Matsuda Shiori is married and expecting first child

Former NMB48 member and model Matsuda Shiori (21) announced her marriage and pregnancy via Instagram on April 19. 

Matsuda uploaded a photo of herself in a wedding dress and wrote, "It's a personal matter, but on April 4, I married my boyfriend whom I had been dating for some time. And currently, I am carrying a new life in my stomach.

Finally, she stated, "I am still very immature, but I hope to support each other to build a family full of love.

Matsuda passed NMB48's 1st generation auditions in September of 2010 and entered the senbatsu for their debut single "Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo" (released July 2011). She suspended her activities in September of 2011, returned in January the following year, and graduated later that October. In November of 2014, she began modeling and had appeared in CMs and catalogues. She also served as the regular reporter for ABC's 'Ohayou Call'.