Fuji Tv Announces ‘legal High’ Special Drama To Air In April

Fuji TV announces ‘Legal High’ special drama to air in AprilFuji TV announced that the lawyer comedy drama ‘Legal High‘ – starring Sakai Masato – will be returning with a special episode on April 13.

In ‘Legal High’, Sakai plays an eccentric, lavish and moody lawyer with a wicked tongue who partners up with a hot blooded rookie lawyer played by actress Aragaki Yui. Both will reprise their roles for the special, while actor Kitaouji Kinya has been added as the opposing lawyer in the new case.

The drama offered a lot of laughs, but at the same time it gave insight at how lawyers are able to use the law to their advantage and as a weapon against the opposing party.

Fuji TV will air the ‘Legal High’ special drama at 9:00 pm on April 13th.