Funky Monkey Babys Holds Their Last Live Concert At The Tokyo Dome

FUNKY MONKEY BABYS holds their last live concert at the Tokyo DomePopular unit FUNKY MONKEY BABYS held their disbandment live concert, "Omaetachi to no Michi FINAL ~in Tokyo Dome~" at the Tokyo Dome, and ended their 10 years of activities.

At the long-awaited 2-day live concert at theTokyo Dome, the members expressed their gratitude toward an audience of 100,000 (total of both days).

FUNKY MONKEY BABYS' first live concert at the Tokyo Dome was originally planned to be held in July of 2011, however, they canceled it after considering the effect of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake. When the unit announced their disbandment back in November of last year, their agency received an inundation of voices that said they wanted to see the unit's live concert at the Tokyo Dome, and that's how FUNKY MONKEY BABYS' 2-day live concert at the venue came true. Reportedly, there were over 600,000 applications for the pre-order of the tickets.