Golden Bomber To Release A New Single In September

Golden Bomber to release a new single in September

Golden Bomber will release their new single "Tatsuo... Yome wo Ore ni Kure" on September 1. 

Both the title track and coupling song "Kinjo no Okusan wo Shihai Suru" are written, composed, and sung by Darvish Kenji (Doramu). Because Darvish is in charge of the song, Kiryuin Sho (Vo-karu) plays the drums for these two tracks. "Tatsuo... Yome wo Ore ni Kure" and their new song "Tsuyoizo! Robo Hip" are currently available for download via iTunes Store, mora, Amazon Music, and other music distributing services. 

The single will be available in a Ultra-Luxury Edition and a Regular Edition. The Ultra-Luxury Edition will come with a photo book called "Je t'aime ~Eien ni~" and a DVD containing the PV and making-of video for the title track as well as footage from the photo book shoot in Paris. 


01. Tatsuo... Yome wo Ore ni Kure
02. Kinjo no Okusan wo Shihai Suru
03. Tatsuo... Yome wo Ore ni Kure(Original Karaoke)
04. Kinjo no Okusan wo Shihai Suru(Original Karaoke)

DVD (Ultra-Luxury Edition):

01. 「Tatsuo... Yome wo Ore ni Kure」PV Shoot Making Footage
02. CD Jacket&Photo Book Cover&Ketsu Art Shoot Footage
03. Recording Footage
04. Photo Book Shoot in Paris