Goto Maki To Perform With Other Former Morning Musume Members On Tv Tokyo

Goto Maki to perform with other former Morning Musume members on TV TokyoFormer Morning Musume member Goto Maki, who just announced her return from 2 and a half years of hiatus, will be appearing on TV Tokyo's special music program "Teleto Ongakusai (Hatsu)", which will broadcast live on June 26.

On the live program, she will make an appearance along with other former Morning Musume members like Abe Natsumi and Nakazawa Yuko, and they will perform "LOVE Machine", "Happy Summer Wedding", and "Renai Revolution 21."

For Goto, who went on hiatus after her solo live concert held on December 4 in 2011, it will mark the first appearance on TV.

"Teleto Ongakusai (Hatsu)" is to commemorate TV Tokyo's 50th anniversary, and it has a concept that is "Let's sing along to the masterpieces in Japan that Japanese people want to sing!" It will be broadcast live for 5 hours, and talento Tokoro George will serve as the general MC.