Government Planning Duty - Free Cosmetics Sales For Tourists

Government planning duty-free cosmetics sales for touristsIn a bid to attract foreign tourists, the government is considering adding cosmetics and skin-care products to the list of items that can be sold at duty-free shops outside airports.

“It is very much worth considering if it (the consumption tax exemption) contributes to the promotion of tourism,” Finance Minister Taro Aso told a news conference Nov. 5.

The government will make cosmetics and skin-care products tax-free at the shops as early as next spring after incorporating the proposal into a package of tax revisions expected to be compiled by the end of next month, sources said.

Under the current system, foreign tourists can purchase certain goods, such as electrical appliances and cameras, at designated duty-free shops outside airports without paying the consumption tax as long as each purchase exceeds 10,000 yen ($102).