Hatsune Miku Concert In La

Hatsune Miku concert in LAJapan is proving that it doesn't have to export flesh-and-blood talent to fill a popular Los Angeles venue, but can do so through digital magic and a "kawaii" virtual talent.

The virtual pop star Hatsune Miku "played" the sold-out Nokia Theater on July 2, as some 6,000 admirers stood and clapped along.




In a surreal setting, as the image of the petite "android diva" sang and danced on the screen in her first "live" overseas concert, her fans cheered, calling her name, "Miku! Miku!"

Hatsune Miku, existing only in digital images, sang 24 numbers to the live accompaniment of a 10-member band. The movements from her hair and clothes to her fingertips were meticulously created in the virtual realm.

Most of her songs have been composed by Japanese amateur musicians and the lyrics are in Japanese.

Hatsune Miku was developed by Sapporo-based computer music software company Crypton Future Media Inc. for synthesized singing and was released in 2007. By just typing in lyrics and a melody, users can have the virtual idol sing a song with remarkable realism.

The creation prompted many amateur composers to post their works on popular video-sharing websites, which in turn inspired other users to create new videos matching the music.

Currently, there have been about 30,000 original songs with Hatsune Miku posted on websites.

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VIDEO Hatsune Miku Concert @ Anime Expo 2011 Los Angeles