Huis Ten Bosch Park Expects Gold Rush At Exhibition Room

Huis Ten Bosch park expects gold rush at exhibition room

SASEBO, Nagasaki Prefecture--Gold worth 800 million yen ($7.05 million) will glisten an exhibition room at the Huis Ten Bosch theme park here.

Named Ogon no Yakata (the gold mansion), the 25-square-meter room will open on the second floor of the Palace Huis Ten Bosch building on Dec. 16.

The ceiling and walls will be covered in 24-karat gold foil, and a pyramid of gold ingots valued at 60 million yen will appear in the center. Visitors will be allowed to touch the bars.

"We hope it (the exhibition room) will be accepted as a 'power spot’ (a source of mystical energy) to draw good fortune," said a public relations official of Huis Ten Bosch.

Gold craftworks that the theme park’s operator has recently bought will be shown.

A lottery will be held on the opening day, and winners can obtain gold coins worth 2.3 million yen in total.

Admission to Palace Huis Ten Bosch for those with one-day passes will be 500 yen.