'ice Bamboo Shoots' Reach For The Ceiling In Hokkaido Cave

'Ice bamboo shoots' reach for the ceiling in Hokkaido cave

DATE, Hokkaido--A curious spectacle of thin and tall ice pillars resembling bamboo shoots inside a cave here is attracting visitors to the southwestern part of the northernmost prefecture.

In Hyakujojiki cave, as the temperature dropped, drops of water from the ceiling have slowly and gradually congealed and piled up to form pillar-like figures reaching upward. These are called "hyojun," or ice bamboo shoots.

According to Ootaki Outdoor Adventures, a local outfitter who organizes a cave tour to glimpse the mid-winter natural wonder, there are about 2,500 ice bamboo shoots, with some up to 4 meters high.

The company will run the tour until late March.