Ikimonogakari To Go Independent And Start Up New Company

Ikimonogakari to go independent and start up new company

It's been announced that Ikimonogakari will leave CUBE, Inc. and start up a new company in spring of 2020. 

The group celebrated their 20th anniversary this year and released their latest album "WE DO" on December 25. On their website, they expressed their gratitude for CUBE, whom they have been with for the past 15 years. In addition, they explained, "20 years ago, the three of us started this group. We felt that we should stand at the start line again with the same feelings we had back then. The three of us made this decision together as a new journey commemorating 20 years since our formation.

Even after going independent, Ikimonogakari plan to be affiliated with CUBE, Inc. as business partners. 

Source: natalie