Iriya Asagao Matsuri (morning Glory Festival)

Iriya Asagao Matsuri (Morning Glory Festival)Iriya Asagao Matsuri, held from July 6 to 8 every year, is the largest festival in Japan dedicated to morning glories. The 120 producers and 100 fair stalls that line Iriya Kishimojin—meaning Iriya’s goddess of childbirth and children, and the common name for Shingen-ji Temple—and Kototoi-dori Street attract as many as 400,000 people during the three-day period each year.
The morning glories of Iriya are said to have gained fame around the late Edo period. The flowers were initially cultivated in Okachimachi, and as times changed they switched hands to producers in Iriya. By the mid Meiji period, the Iriya breeds were so attractive that they became popular as decorative plants.

In their heyday, Iriya’s producers created some thousand varieties of morning glory through deliberate cross-pollination. The flowers momentarily vanished from Iriya in the Taisho period. And after the Second World War, a team of locals and the Shitaya Tourism Association revived the tradition and organized the Asagao Matsuri as we know it today.
Visitors to the three-day seasonal event are sure to experience the summer of Edo through the morning glories that have delighted natives of every generation, from Edokko to Tokyoites.

1-12-16 Shitaya
In and around Iriya Kishimojin

2014.7.6 - 2014.7.8
Start/end time:5:00–23:00

By train:5-min. walk from JR Yamanote Line / Keihin Tohoku Line Uguisudani Station
1-min. walk from Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Iriya Station