Ishihara Satomi Takes A Trip To Okinawa With Showroom President Maeda Yuji

Ishihara Satomi takes a trip to Okinawa with SHOWROOM president Maeda Yuji

On May 8, some tabloid magazines reported that actress Ishihara Satomi (31) and IT company SHOWROOM president Maeda Yuji (30) took a trip together to Okinawa. 

According to reports, the couple landed on Okinawa's Ishigaki Island on April 22. From the following day, they stayed at a luxury resort hotel on Taketomi Island. 

As you may know, Ishihara was previously rumored to be dating Yamashita Tomohisa (33). However, reports state that the two broke up, and 'Josei Seven' reported earlier this year of Yamashita's trip to Hawaii with a younger model. 

In an interview with Ishihara's agency, they responded, "We leave private matters up to her."

Sources: Model Press, Bunshun Online