Itano Tomomi's New Single To Be Titled 'suki, To Iu Koto'

Itano Tomomi's new single to be titled 'Suki, to Iu Koto'

The title of Itano Tomomi's 11th single has been determined to be "Suki, to Iu Koto" (February 13 release). 

Written by Itano herself, the song portrays a love that's within arms reach. She commented, "A first love that makes your heart skip a beat. One that might appear in a Shojo manga. No matter the age or sex, I think everyone has experienced a love like this. It would make me happy if you would listen to this song and emphasize with those feelings."

The single's first press will enclose a serial code which will allow you to send in an application to attend Itano's one-man live to be held on June 1 at MyNavi BLITZ Akasaka. Those selected will not only attend the live, but participate in a meet-and-greet.