Japan Leading Anime Studio Toei Animation And Saudi Arabia Manga Productions Launches A 20 - Minute Short Titled The Woodcutter Treasure

Japan leading anime studio Toei Animation and Saudi Arabia Manga Productions launches a 20-minute short titled The Woodcutter Treasure

The first fruit of a collaboration between Japan's leading anime studio Toei Animation Co. and Saudi Arabia's Manga Productions, a 20-minute short titled "The Woodcutter's Treasure," is set to air in Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Based on a Saudi Arabian folk tale, the already completed short is aimed at children and families, and available in Japanese and Arabic.

The two companies also intend to co-produce a 13-episode folklore series and a 90-minute movie to introduce Arabic culture and traditions to children and anime fans across the globe through anime content.

Manga Productions is a subsidiary of the Misk Foundation set up by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, which focuses on developing, producing and marketing animation and other video content.

Bader Al Asaker, chairman of Manga Productions and secretary-general of Misk Foundation, said he wants to produce high-quality animation and video game titles and foster the development of Saudi Arabia’s content industry to promote them to the world.

Manga Productions CEO Essam Bukhary added that the company will produce works that will entertain people around the world through a collaboration in which pre-production and content designs are prepared in Saudi Arabia before actual production takes place in Japan.

Toei Animation Senior Director Shinji Shimizu said he is greatly honored to be collaborating with Manga Productions, saying that he wants to produce quality works to establish true cultural exchanges between Saudi Arabia and Japan while the two respect each other’s culture.

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