Japanese ‘washi’ Paper Displays Delight Window - Shoppers In Paris

Japanese ‘washi’ paper displays delight window-shoppers in ParisTrees and flowers fashioned from traditional Japanese “washi” paper in window displays of a world renowned French perfume house and cosmetics maker have been winning accolades from passers-by and window-shoppers in France.

Guerlain's seven shops in Paris and Versailles are displaying the hand-molded Echizen washi figures, which will remain through late February.

Sugihara Washipaper Inc. in Echizen, Fukui Prefecture, developed the new paper for the displays based on the centuries-old Japanese paper called Echizen washi with German artist Joerg Gessner by applying traditional European techniques. The new paper features fine vertical lines and a rich texture.

Gessner, who encountered Echizen washi during a visit to Japan eight years ago, said that washi paper is natural as well as coarse, and is an elegant material with unlimited creative potential.

Next year, Guerlain plans to include Echizen washi ornaments in window displays at the same shops.