Jindai Botanical Gardens Doubles Plant Species In Greenhouse

Jindai Botanical Gardens doubles plant species in greenhouseHundreds of extra varieties of plants are now on display at a recently revamped greenhouse at the Jindai Botanical Gardens in Chofu, western Tokyo.

Twenty percent larger than it was before its renovation, the greenhouse, which reopened on May 12, boasts newly expanded exhibition rooms packed with begonias, orchids and other plants.

The greenhouse now has about 1,300 species of plant in total, doubling the number in its collection it had on display before the major facelift.

The greenhouse was originally completed in 1984, and because it had aged, the Tokyo metropolitan government proceeded with the renovation at a cost of about 1.2 billion yen ($11 million) from 2014.

The number of begonia varieties on display was increased from around 270 to about 310, and orchid varieties from around 100 to about 170 in their respective exhibition rooms.

The Jindai Botanical Gardens signed an agreement with the Chilean national botanical garden in Vina del Mar in 2015 to exchange plants and technologies. Along with the renovation, the number of Chilean plants on display increased from about 10 to about 30 species of plants and cacti.

In exchange, the Chilean side donated 30 varieties including a Chilean wine palm to the Chofu facility. The officials said they intend to put the South American plants on display in near future.

Nury Disegni, Counselor for Agricultural Affairs of the Embassy of Chile in Japan who was invited to the preview of the renovated greenhouse, said that a Japanese garden would be built inside the Chilean botanical garden.

Disegni added she hopes to have cherries, silver grass, water lilies and other Japanese plants put on display there.