Jinnai Takanori's Band Th Erockers To Release New Album After 38 Years

Jinnai Takanori's band TH eROCKERS to release new album after 38 years

Jinnai Takanori's band TH eROCKERS will release a new album titled "Rock'n Roll" on April 17. 

TH eROCKERS make their debut with their first album "WHO TH eROCKERS" in September of 1980. After releasing their original albums and one cover album, they disbanded in June of 1982. Since then, they've regrouped a few times to hold lives, and last December 31, they appeared at Uchida Yuya's countdown live '46th NEW YEARS WORLD ROCK FESTIVAL' with Jinnai (Vo), Anai Nikichi (B), Sumida Takeshi (G), Momo Kazuhiro (G / MO'SOME TONEBENDER), and Tanaka Gensho (Dr / BLUE TONIC).

Their first album in 38 years will consist of new songs as well as covers. They are also planing on holding a nationwide tour to commemorate its release.

01. Sanryu no Koigataki
02. Shumatsu wa Kono Zama sa
03. Koi no Fanfare
04. Suspicious Mind
06. Itoshima no Taiyou(California Sun)
07. Hail Hail Rock'n Roll
08. D・D Rock'n Roll 
09. Kuroda-bushi
10. License Number
11. Yoru ni Toketeyuku
12. Kawaii Ano Musume