Johnny's West's New Album To Be Released In December

Johnny's WEST's new album to be released in December

Johnny's WEST's new album "WESTV!" will be released on December 5. 

The group's fifth album will feature a mixture of ballads and upbeat tunes. The limited edition will come with a DVD containing footage of the members enjoying a barbecue and campfire as well as challenging a short skit written by comedian Kawashima Akira (Kirin). In addition, the regular edition will include three bonus tracks.

As reported earlier, Johnny's WEST will set out on a nationwide tour next year in commemoration of this album's release.

01. We are WEST!!!!!!!
02. Untitled
03. Principal no Kimi e
04. WESTV!Shopping!Part 1
05. Kangaeruna, Moero!!
06. Ai no Dorei
07. Dragon Dog
08. WESTV!Shopping!Part 2
09. Drift!!
10. Y.S.S.B.
11. WESTV!Shopping!Part 3
12. Bokura Kyou mo Ikiteiru
13. Akai Muffler
14. Start Dash!
15. Untitled(Vocal:Nakama Junta・Fujii Ryusei)(※Regular Edition Only)
16. Untitled(Vocal:Kiriyama Akito・Kotaki Nozomu)(※Regular Edition Only)
17. Untitled(Vocal:Shigeoka Daiki・Hamada Takahiro・Kamiyama Tomohiro)(※Regular Edition Only)