Jtb Hokkaido To Offer Romantic Flyover Tour Of Heart - Like Lake

JTB Hokkaido to offer romantic flyover tour of heart-like lakeA travel agency has arranged a charming flyover tour that takes in the picturesque mountain fall foliage and blue waters of heart-shaped Lake Toyoniko.
JTB Hokkaido Corp. will offer the sightseeing helicopter tour for 24 days beginning Sept. 17 in partnership with the local government.

Surrounded by the woodlands in Hidaka Sanmyaku-Erimo Quasi-National Park, the valentine-like Lake Toyoniko was catapulted into fame after it was featured in advertisements, TV spots and posters to promote Sapporo confectionery company Ishiya Co.

A similar tour over Lake Toyoniko was offered last fall, but it was limited to just 17 days in September and October, when the air turned crisp and the leaves started to change colors.

About 90 people participated in the tour last year, despite some flyovers being suspended due to poor weather.

This year, JTB Hokkaido has also included an extended tour that takes in the lake and Cape Erimomisaki to offer a more attractive experience.

The local government expects the new tours will boost tourism.

To provide hospitality services to sightseers taking the tours, the town government partly renovated buildings that once housed the Meguro elementary and junior high schools to be used as rest stops. The helicopter will land at the rest area where sightseers can disembark to use the restroom facilities or relax and have a bite to eat.

The tours are available from 9 a.m. through 4 p.m. with a maximum three passengers for one flight. Passengers can enjoy about eight minutes of flying time over Lake Toyoniko.

Tickets for the tour are 13,000 yen ($127.35) for adults and 10,000 yen for children.

The extended tour over Lake Toyoniko and Cape Erimomisaki takes about 20 minutes.

Tickets for the extended tour are 33,000 yen for adults and 30,000 yen for children.