Jump Aboard A Shinkansen Train With Only The Swipe Of A Card

Jump aboard a Shinkansen train with only the swipe of a card

Traveling by Shinkansen is getting even faster.

Passengers who book their seats online just have to wave their IC cards for public transportation at the gate instead of stopping off at the ticket counter.

Central Japan Railway Co. and West Japan Railway Co. will start the new service, called Smart EX, between Tokyo and Fukuoka on Sept. 30.

Ten types of IC cards for public transportation will be accepted. They include Suica, Toica, Icoca and Pasmo.

There's an added bonus: Reservations made online will be 200 yen to 210 yen (roughly $2) cheaper.

Passengers are required to register their IC cards and credit cards at a dedicated website. The fares will be charged to their credit cards.

Online reservations can be changed until it comes time to board the train.