Kamen Joshi’s Erina Kamiya Scores High With New Youtube Channel

Kamen Joshi’s Erina Kamiya scores high with new YouTube channelKamen Joshi's Erina Kamiya recorded the second-highest number of subscribers for the week on her new YouTube channel (behind only ex.SMAP's Tsuyoshi Kusanagi). The performer and best-selling gravure idol shows her silly side with outrageous stunts like attempting to break tiles with her chest and submerging herself in a tub full of Coke and Mentos.

In her channel's first week, she scored over 47,000 subscribers and over 3.7 million views.

Erina recently announced her feature film debut in Umi ni nose ta Gazu no yume ("Gaz's Dreams on the Sea"), which will premiere at the The 4th New Movie Director's Film Festival on November 11th. Erina earned a starring role in the film, where portrays a high school student in Kumano who joins a movie production team with her friends.
Erina says filming the story of a young woman who must choose between her hometown and her dreams changed her life, and she plans to walk the red carpet at next week's premiere.