Kana - Boon To Release A Mini Album Titled 'nerine'

KANA-BOON to release a mini album titled 'Nerine'

KANA-BOON will release a mini album titled "Nerine" on December 19. 

To commemorate five years since their major debut, the band has been on a roll this year with releasing new works and holding live events. "Nerine" will be released as the "fourth season" of their anniversary year, and it will include five songs that has a winter image. The Limited Edition will come with a DVD containing footage from their outdoors one-man live that they held in September as the "third season" of their anniversary year. 

[Regular Edition]

[Track List]

01. Nerine
02. Afterward
03. Haru wo Matte
04. Yuge
05. Penguin

Limited Edition DVD:
KANA-BOON no GO!GO!5 Shunen!Season 3 Yagai One Man Yoisa Yoisa no Tadaimatsuri! 2018 in Sakai

- Introduction -
01. A.oh!!
02. Baka
03. Machi Iro
04. Silhouette
05. Nemurenu Mori no Kimi no Tame
06. Jousha Hissui No Kotowari, Okotowari (Wa Wa Wa version)
07. Naimononedari
08. Yoru no Madobe kara