Kanno Miho Announces The Birth Of Her 2nd Child

Kanno Miho announces the birth of her 2nd child

Actor Sakai Masato's (45) wife, actress Kanno Miho (41) has announced the birth of her second child. 

In the announcement, Kanno wrote, "At this time, our second child, a baby girl has been born. Thanks to everyone, both the baby and I are healthy. I feel irreplaceable joy that a new member has joined our family. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me from the bottom of my heart."

Kanno and Sakai began dating after co-starring in 'Ooku~ Eien~ [Emonnosuke・Tsukayoshi Hen]' in 2012, then married in April of the following year. They had their first son in August of 2015. 


Source: Oricon