Kansai Airport's 'star Wars' Express Will Be A Train Long Remembered

Kansai Airport's 'Star Wars' express will be a train long rememberedWhile no Millennium Falcon, Nankai Electric Railway Co.'s "Star Wars" themed express train is still a must ride for series fans, painted as dark as the coldest reaches of deep space.
Introduced on Nov. 21, the six-car express is a specially decorated version of the Rapi:t, an express train on the Osaka-based railway company's Nankai and Airport lines connecting Nanba and Kansai Airport stations.

The design was introduced as part of a promotional blitz for the upcoming film, "Star Wars: The Force Awakens," the newest entry in the hugely popular sci-fi saga. The long-awaited movie is scheduled to be released in theaters across Japan on Dec. 18.

The color of the special ride is based on a jet black scheme on both the inside and outside, chosen as many scenes in the film franchise take place in space. Various characters from "The Force Awakens" are painted on the sides of each car. Passengers are even greeted by a small figurine of the beloved R2-D2 robot once they board car No. 6.

The train will be running until May 8, making four to eight daily round trips.