Keyakizaka46's Watanabe Rika & Nagahama Neru To Release Solo Photo Books In December

Keyakizaka46's Watanabe Rika & Nagahama Neru to release solo photo books in December

Keyakizaka46 members Watanabe Rika and Nagahama Neru will be releasing their solo photo books in December.

They are the first members of the group to get solo photo books. Watanabe's photos were shot in Greece by Abe Chizuru. She spent 4 nights and 6 days in Greece taking various photos with the ancient ruins and Aegean Sea. It will hit store shelves on December 5.

Meanwhile, Nagahama's photo book was shot in her hometown of the Goto Islands in Nagasaki by Hosoi Kojiro. At the end of the book, you will find a long interview and a handwritten message. Her photo book will drop on December 19.

Source & Image(s): natalie