Kimura Takuya & Shibasaki Kou To Co - Star In New Tbs Drama This Fall

Kimura Takuya & Shibasaki Kou to co-star in new TBS drama this fallSMAP's Kimura Takuya and actress Shibasaki Kou are going to work together again in a new TBS fall drama titled 'Ando Roid ~A.I. knows LOVE?~'. The last time they co-starred in a drama was in 'GOOD LUCK!!' 10 years ago.

The concept of the drama is a love story that crosses through time and space thanks to a "time cable" that connects the present age with the future 100 years from now. It offers a lot of mystery and suspense, and incorporates sci-fi and action elements. Anno Hideaki and his protégé Tsurumaki Kazuya from the famed anime series 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' are reportedly the ones who fleshed out this unique concept for TBS. The script is handled by no other than Nishiogi Yumie, the mastermind behind 'SPEC' and 'Keizoku'.

Kimura is going to play a double-role in this drama, an ingenious physicist named 'Matsushima Reiji' and a mysterious android that came from the future. Shibasaki plays Reiji's fiancee 'Ando Asahi'.

'Ando Roid ~A.I. knows LOVE?~' is scheduled to replace the network's current hit drama 'Hanzawa Naoki' on Sundays at 9:00 pm, starting in October.