Kimura Takuya To Hold Concerts In Tokyo And Osaka

Kimura Takuya to hold concerts in Tokyo and Osaka

Kimura Takuya will hold a live tour titled 'TAKUYA KIMURA Live Tour 2020 Go with the Flow' in February. 

The upcoming tour will be held to commemorate the release of his first solo album "Go with the Flow" (January 8 release). He is scheduled to hold concerts on February 8 and 9 at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium and on February 19 and 20 at Osaka-jo Hall. 

On his radio program, Kimura expressed his wishes of holding a tour, saying, "Since I will be releasing an album, I seriously want to think about a place where I can make noise with everybody."

As his wishes are coming true, he stated, "At last, we have determined places where we can make some noise. I wanted to get as close to my fans as possible, so I selected venues in Tokyo and Osaka. We are looking forward to it and have started to make preparations, so please come and make some noise!"