Koda Kumi Did Not Want Sexy Image At Debut

Koda Kumi Did Not Want Sexy Image at DebutDuring an interview with Oricon, Koda Kumi shared that she originally wanted to be a ballad singer, not someone who danced and exuded a sexy image.
Koda Kumi recently released a best-of album titled "WINTER of LOVE". The album is a collection of the singer's best ballads.

When she was auditioning to become a singer, Kumi originally wanted to be a ballad artist. "I personally like ballads, so when I was auditioning, I sung Mayo Okimoto's 'Alone' and Mariko Takahashi's 'For You'," she said.

Despite wanting to do ballads, her agency thought it would be hard for her to start with ballads, so her staff proposed that she do upbeat music and dance. She was given a sexy image which has stuck with her ever since.

"Although it wasn't my ideal image I had envisioned for myself, I wanted to meet their expectations," she said.

After gaining success with her sexy image, Kumi was able to start promoting ballads later in her career. A balance was found between the sexy image that she became most known for and the touching ballads that she truly wanted to do.

"I had confidence that one day I'd put out an album that was only love ballads. I'm now able to release the ballad album I've always desired," she said.