Kyoto's Phoenix Hall Resplendent After Full Restoration

Kyoto's Phoenix Hall resplendent after full restorationThe renowned Phoenix Hall at Byodoin temple here has been restored to its original 11th-century glory after a two-year restoration project.

The work on the Heian Period (794-1185) World Heritage site got under way in September 2012.

It involved repainting the hall’s columns and replacing roof tiles. They were the first major repairs in about 60 years.

The Phoenix Hall, the most famous structure in the complex, was founded in 1053 by Fujiwara no Yorimichi, who served as regent to emperors.

In March, repairs were completed in the central chamber as well as two wing corridors. Restoration work on the corridor at the back of the central chamber finished on Sept. 8.

A ceremony to celebrate the completion of the repair work is scheduled for Oct. 1.
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