Kyoto's Popularity As Wedding Destination Rising For Foreign, Domestic Couples

Kyoto's popularity as wedding destination rising for foreign, domestic couplesOffering famed Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, as well as a wide variety of celebratory kimono and traditional Japanese cuisine, Kyoto is becoming an increasingly popular wedding destination, both for foreign and domestic couples.

TNC Bridal Service, based in Nakagyo Ward, arranges Japanese-style weddings in the ancient capital. It said it stages 20 or so weddings a year for foreign couples.

Most planning for the weddings, including where the ceremonies will be held and what will be worn, is done via e-mail.

In April, to attract more foreign couples to wed in Kyoto, the city government started offering them commemorative marriage certificates signed by the mayor. According to local officials, 14 couples had been presented the certificate as of June 25.

Kyokane, a company based in Sakyo Ward that arranges traditional Japanese weddings, has bridal plans available in 72 locations in the area, including shrines and temples.

The company said it found it difficult at first to convince many of the religious facilities to accept its business proposal. But over the past 28 years, it has gradually partnered with an increasing number of shrines and temples.

The company said couples from the greater Tokyo area make up the majority of its clientele.