Kyoto Tram, Park Operators Get Into The Swing Of Things With ’touken Ranbu’ Game

Kyoto tram, park operators get into the swing of things with ’Touken Ranbu’ gameA tram operator and a theme park here have gotten the point.
After seeing the spreading popularity and exploitation of the “Touken Ranbu Online” game, Keifuku Electric Railroad Co. and Toei Kyoto Studio Park started a joint campaign featuring sword-based characters to bring tourists to Kyoto during the relatively quiet winter season.

“Touken Ranbu” is a browser-based online video game where players must defeat enemies using legendary swords portrayed as good-looking men. The game has become hugely popular among women, and many fans make pilgrimages across Japan to locations associated with the blades.

Keifuku Electric Railroad, which operates two tram lines collectively known as Randen, and the history movie theme park are holding a stamp-print collecting event covering four locations along the tram lines. Those who collect all four stamps can win commemorative gifts.

Keifuku Electric is also operating a tram car decorated with characters from the game, while the Toei park features special sets that recreate game scenes.

“There are many places in Kyoto that are associated with a wide variety of swords, but now that I’m here, I’d like to visit as many places as possible,” said a 19-year-old vocational school student from Hamamatsu, who was visiting Arashiyama Station.

Even before the campaign started on Jan. 23, more than 4,500 sets of a ticket for one-day unlimited rides on Randen and an admission ticket to the Toei park were sold, according to the companies.

Sold for 3,500 yen ($30), including tax, the ticket set is valid until the campaign ends on March 13.