Lamb Chops Served With Beans In A Lemon - Flavored Butter

Lamb chops served with beans in a lemon-flavored butterPostwar Japan's diet has undergone many changes, but cooking expert Fusako Holthaus laments that not many people have opened their eyes to the joys of lamb.
“It is a choice ingredient with excellent flavor,” says Holthaus, 81, who first tried lamb at a barbecue in the United States in the 1960s.

Although the Japanese tend to shy away from it due to its distinct smell, she says “you really start to enjoy the aroma once you get used to it.” She opts to cook the meat in a frying pan without marinating it first to mask the smell.

Lamb chops are made by trimming a rack of rib bones. Since there is not a lot of meat, Holthaus suggests cutting the ribs in pairs if a hearty portion is preferred. Excess fat should be removed since it gives off a strong aroma. Precut lamb chops can also be purchased.

Since she does not prepare a sauce, Holthaus carefully applies a base seasoning to her lamb. Another key is never to overcook the meat. A juicy and tender serving of lamb should be brown on the outside and pink, or medium-rare, at its center.

She suggests serving string beans sauteed in lemon-flavored butter as a side dish for the lamb. “Beans are considered a good match with lamb, probably due to its crunchy texture and vivid green color,” she says.

The string beans should remain firm after boiling, according to Holthaus. The boiling process can be skipped and they can be sauteed from the start. She says the taste will remain the same, but the color will not be as vibrant.

Another way to enjoy the meat is to follow Holthaus’ hamburger recipe, introduced in an earlier installment. “Kids love lamb burgers,” she says.


Serves four:

800 grams of lamb (French rack)

1 clove garlic

30 grams butter

For lemon-butter flavored beans:

200 grams string beans

Zest of 1/4 lemon

50 cc lemon juice

15 grams butter


Cut lamb chops from French rack. Sprinkle with salt and pepper and rub surface with cut garlic, then let them sit for a while.

Heat butter in a frying pan. Line up the lamb chops in the pan. Better to first cook on the fatty flank sides. The lamb chops are done when both sides are brown.

To prepare beans, boil in water with salt. Beans should remain firm. Cut them into two parts. Cut zest of lemon into fine strips.

Heat butter in frying pan, saute beans, add lemon juice and zest, then mix. Season with salt and white pepper.