Majestic Cherry Tree In Tokyo A Crowd Magnet After Blossoming

Majestic cherry tree in Tokyo a crowd magnet after blossoming

The pink blossoms of a giant weeping cherry tree in Rikugien Gardens sparkled with bright lights during an illumination event held here on the evening of March 24.

Crowds flocked to see the dazzling cherry blossoms at the Tokyo metropolitan government-run park, which bloomed March 19, two days earlier than the official announcement of the start of somei-yoshio cherry blooming. They combined with the surroundings of the Japanese garden in the capital's Bunkyo Ward to create an enchanting atmosphere.

The magnificent tree, which stands 15 meters and reaches about 20 meters at the tip of its longest branch, is more than 70 years old, a park official said.

Visitors can enjoy viewing the cherry blossoms at the gardens through March 31.