Michishige Sayumi Holds The Longest Tenure In Morning Musume

Michishige Sayumi holds the longest tenure in Morning MusumeMorning Musume's Michishige Sayumi became the member with the longest tenure in the group's history. 

Michishige joined the group as a 6th generation member on January 19, 2003. The 12th marked 3,920 days since she's been in the group. She has surpassed Niigaki Risa who previously held this record. 

Michishige reported on her official blog, "The date changed so now it's 10/12... As of today, I, Michishige Sayumi, have the longest tenure among the successive members of Morning Musume. That is... I've set a new record for the longest tenure!!" She also revealed, "My 11th year since entering Morning Musume... I never thought I would be the longest member in Morning Musume, so I'm happy!! Of course I'm feeling this way!! But honestly, I also feel, is it okay for me to be the longest member?"