Mizushima Hiro Appointed As Shimajiro Movie Ambassador

Mizushima Hiro appointed as Shimajiro movie ambassador

Mizushima Hiro has been appointed as the "Shimajiro movie ambassador" for 'Shimajiro the Movie: Shimajiro to Soratobu Fune.' 

The eighth Shimajiro movie will be the first in the series created in full 3DCG. Mizushima, who is an actor and entrepreneur, married singer-songwriter Ayaka back in 2009. He is a father to two daughters ages 4 and 1. As the "Shimajiro movie ambassador," he will be appearing at events to liven up the upcoming film.  

Mizushima commented, "I am happy to be involved in a Shimajiro movie, which my daughter loves, as its ambassador. As a parent, I want my children to watch this movie, which has the theme 'family love, friendship, and perseverance,' many times. I am looking forward to watching this with her together."