Monitor Shows Model Wearing Shopper - Selected Clothing In Video

Monitor Shows Model Wearing Shopper-selected Clothing in VideoteamLab is displaying its teamLabHanger product at the VQNQUISH Ikebukuro PARCO store, in cooperation with Ceno. When a hanger is removed from a rack, the teamLabHanger system uses a nearby monitor to display photos or video that are coordinated with the clothing on the hanger.

"When the hanger is removed, content is shown on the display. This is a switch, and it moves. When the hanger is on the rack it's off, and it switches on when the hanger is removed. Each hanger has a unique ID. When the hanger is removed the ID is transmitted to a PC in the back, and content tied to that ID is then displayed on the monitor."

Ceno installed the teamLabHanger system in September 2011 when it remodeled its Shibuya store.The number of people buying clothing online is increasing, and Ceno adopted the teamLab system to add a sense of amusement to the store.

"Customers' first reaction is,'what is this?'There are hangers and monitors, and many people don't understand it. When our staff demonstrate, they are surprised. They tell their friends about it. We're currently running a campaign using women artists and celebrities, and many of their fans visit the store. We use images and video that can only be seen here, and it's really getting a good reaction."

As Ceno anticipated, the response from customers has been positive, and customers are enjoying the experience of picking up the hangers.

VIDEO Monitor Shows Model Wearing Shopper-selected Clothing in Video