Morning Musume 14 To Recruit New Members

Morning Musume '14 to recruit new membersIdol group Morning Musume '14 would hold "Morning Musume '14 Golden Audition!" to recruit new members.
10~17 years old unmarried women of any nationality can apply for the audition.

On the official site, the producer Tsunku? explains, "As our current members' skills are getting higher, the selection criteria is also getting higher, but I'm sure there are so many people with amazing talents out there."

He also writes the purpose for this new member recruitment, "Thanks to the fans' support, 2013 was the year of big progress for Morning Musume, as they were able to top the Oricon single chart for 3 consecutive times. The year of 2014, I expect current Morning Musume '14 to take great leap forward to enter their golden era."

According to Tsunku?, the successful candidates will be introduced at Morning Musume '14 event in this fall, and while taking lessons, they will prepare to join the group in earnest in the new year of 2015.

The application deadline is May 11.