Mr.children's New Album To Be Titled 'jouryoku To Kokyuu'

Mr.Children's new album to be titled 'Jouryoku to Kokyuu'

The details on Mr.Children's new album due out on October 3 have been revealed. 

The title of the upcoming album will be "Jouryoku to Kokyuu." It will feature a total of ten tracks including tie-up songs "himawari," "here comes my love," and "SINGLES."

On YouTube, you can see the album's spot footage as well as the short PV for the band's new song "Your Song." The PV stars the members for their first time in about four years. 

On the album release date, Mr. Children will also release a lyric book called "Your Song" containing lyrics of all songs from their debut album "EVERYTHING" to "Jouryoku to Kokyuu."


01. Your Song
02. Umi ni te, Kokoro wa Hadaka ni Naritagaru
04. here comes my love
05. Hakoniwa
06. addiction
07. day by day(Aiken Kuru to Monogatari)
08. Aki ga Kureta Kippu
09. himawari
10. Hifu Kokyuu

Play Pass Music Video:

・here comes my love
・Your Song
・Your Song(Original Story)