Murota Mizuki To Graduate From Angerme

Murota Mizuki to graduate from ANGERME

It's been announced that ANGERME member Mutota Mizuki will graduate from the group. 

Murota will graduate from both ANGERME and Hello! Project after 'Hello! Project HinaFes 2020 ~Hisaichi Fukko Shien Tohoku wo Genki ni!~ ANGERME Premium Live' to be held on March 22 at Meiji Jingu Stadium.

On ANGERME's official website, she reflected, "I was able to learn a lot of things by joining ANGERME. Not only do I love singing and dancing more, I was able to meet the members of ANGERME and think about what I should represent as well as what my strengths are..." She continued, "I want to challenge myself to a variety of things from now on. Among them, I am thinking of music and acting."