Museum Displays Folding Screens That Glow In The Dark

Museum displays folding screens that glow in the darkTwo folding screens that glow in the dark are on display at a museum here.

Artisans skilled in Nishijin-ori weaving techniques created the art replicas with phosphorescent textiles in five different colors.

The reproductions are based on the “Jitsugetsu sansuizu” (Landscape with the sun and moon) folding screen that is considered a representative work of Yamato-e, or the classical Japanese style of painting, as well as “Matsushimazu” (Landscape of pine trees and islands), a screen by Tawaraya Sotatsu, an artist from the Edo Period (1603-1867).

The glowing folding screens were completed in 2011 at the Nishijin Asagi textile company using the most advanced weaving techniques.

The works are on display through February 2014 at the Nishijin-ori Art Museum Shosuikaku, which is operated by Nishijin Asagi.