Mushrooms Galore Define The Flavor Of Fall Soup

Mushrooms galore define the flavor of fall soupStore shelves are filled with mushrooms that come in all shapes and colors.
Kuniaki Arima, a chef of Italian cuisine, introduces a rich soup with the fall harvest of mushrooms and a stock extracted from garlic, dried tomato and uncured ham. Bacon may replace the uncured ham. The dried tomato may be replaced by dried shiitake mushrooms, dried kelp or pickled plum.

Arima suggests the use of four or five different mushrooms including “shimeji,” eryngii, “maitake” and “awabitake.” Those that turn out sticky such as “nameko” and “enoki” should be used in moderation. The dish serves two.


200 grams mushrooms of different kinds

2 slices garlic

1/2 dried tomato

15 grams of snippets of uncured ham

3 Tbsp sake

1/2 tsp salt

500 cc water

Bit of red chili pepper

1 tsp olive oil

Chopped parsley and green yuzu zest


Cut dried tomato into strips. Place garlic, dried tomato and uncured ham into pot and heat. Add sake and bring to a boil. Once alcohol has cooked out, add water. Simmer for about 10 minutes to draw out flavor.

Remove hard ends from mushrooms and tear lengthwise with hands into bite-size pieces.

Add salt, pinch of sugar and bit of red chili pepper to soup. Taste and check that it no longer tastes watery. The stock may taste light.

Add mushrooms. Lower heat when soup starts boiling. It is ready when mushrooms sink to the bottom. Add salt to taste. Cook for two to three minutes if you prefer firm texture. Cook longer if you want to add umami to soup. Add parsley, olive oil and mix. Turn off heat. Serve in bowl and top with yuzu zest.

If you have leftover mushrooms, preserve them as “salted mushrooms.” Mix torn-up mushrooms with salt (3 percent of weight) and keep in fridge in air-tight container. Water that seeps out can be left as is. Use them in hotpot or stir-fries. Briefly immerse in water if too salty.

Estimated time: 35 minutes (10 minutes to prepare, 25 minutes to finish)

Nutritional information (per serving): kilocalories, 100; sodium content, 1.4 grams; fat content, 4.7 grams