Narita Airport Eyes New Fee For Domestic Travelers To Boost Services

Narita airport eyes new fee for domestic travelers to boost servicesNarita International Airport Corp. is making final arrangements for an additional fee to be levied on domestic travelers to upgrade services at the airport near Tokyo amid a growing number of passengers, airport sources said Tuesday.

The passenger service facility charge -- which covers the cost of using and maintaining facilities such as airport lobbies and the flight information system -- is currently imposed only on passengers on international flights.

Arrangements are underway for passengers on domestic flights operated by Japan's two major airlines, Japan Airlines Co. and All Nippon Airways Co., to have 900 yen added to the cost of their roundtrip fare, while those flying on low-cost carriers are expected to pay a lower amount, the sources said.

The airport operator's move to impose such a fee comes at a time when the airport, a hub for several low-cost carriers, is seeing more and more domestic passengers.

Currently, an adult passenger departing Narita airport in Chiba Prefecture, east of Tokyo, on an international flight will have to pay a passenger service facility charge of 2,090 yen, while the fee is 1,050 yen for those on connecting international flights.

This fee, which is also used to cover the expense of providing baggage carts and passenger information services, is included in the airfare when tickets are issued to travelers.

In fiscal 2013, the number of passengers using Narita airport was roughly 36 million, of which 5.2 million were on domestic flights.

Among measures to accommodate the increasing number of travelers, a passenger terminal exclusively for low-cost carriers at Narita airport is expected to be completed by the end of March next year.