New Capsule Hotel In Osaka Offers More Room Than A Coffin

New capsule hotel in Osaka offers more room than a coffinHanshin Electric Railway Co. will climb aboard the budget accommodation business with a “high-class” capsule hotel that won’t give claustrophobics nightmares.
Unlike many conventional capsule hotels, the new hotel will offer 2.1-meter-high rooms, spacious enough for a guest to stand in, unless they are an NBA center.

Usually, rooms of capsule hotels are designed just for sleeping and can only accommodate the height of a seated adult.

The project, announced Jan. 10, is a tie-up with Tokyo-based First Cabin Inc., whose eight luxurious capsule hotels across the country boast a 90-percent occupancy rate.

The first outlet, tentatively called First Cabin Hanshin Nishi-Umeda, will open in Osaka's Fukushima Ward in autumn.

More outlets are planned along Hanshin railway lines and beyond.

The new hotel's 147 rooms will be at least 2.5 square meters, although an average room of a typical capsule hotel measures less than 2 square meters.

The room rates will run from 5,000 yen ($43.97) to under 7,000 yen per night.

Demand for hotels in Tokyo, Osaka and other urban areas remains high due in part to a rise in the number of visitors to Japan. The new hotel aims to lure businesspeople and young men and women on a tight budget.