Nissy To Release Best - Of Album + Hold First Dome Tour

Nissy to release best-of album + hold first dome tour

Nissy will release his first best-of album "Nissy Entertainment 5th Anniversary BEST" on Nissy day, February 4. In addition, he will hold his first dome tour titled 'Nissy Entertainment "5th Anniversary" BEST DOME TOUR' from March. 

Nissy's best-of album will feature a total of 29 tracks including songs he's already released as well as brand new songs. The Nissy Edition will come with six DVDs or Blu-rays with PVs, making-of footage, and a documentary. 

For his dome tour, Nissy is scheduled to perform at Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome, Nagoya Dome, Kyocera Dome Osaka, and Tokyo. He's the youngest Japanese solo male artist to hold a dome tour. He commented, "Compared to my twenties, my body has weakened little by little, but to be considered the youngest at 32 years old, I feel like I can still be fresh!"


・Never Stop
・Playing With Fire
・Mada Kimi wa Shiranai MY PRETTIEST GIRL
・Hana cherie
・17th Kiss
・Don't let me go
・New Song
Total of 29 songs


・Doushiyouka?<Music Video>
・Wagamama<Music Video>
・Never Stop<Music Video>
・Playing With Fire<Music Video>
・Mada Kimi wa Shiranai MY PRETTIEST GIRL<Music Video>
・Hana cherie<Music Video>
・17th Kiss<Music Video>
・Don't let me go<Music Video>
・Toriko<Music Video>
・New Song<Music Video>
・New Song<Music Video Making>
・Road to Nissy 2013-2018(※Nissy Edition Only)
・「Nissy Entertainment 2nd LIVE」@ Yokohama Arena(The Eternal Live / Double Trouble / Hana cherie / Don't let me go / SUGAR / LOVE GUN / Happening / The Days)(※Nissy Edition Only)
・OK? ~Kimi ni Okuru 24 Jikan~<Music Short Film>
・CM SPOT Collection(※Nissy Edition Only)


[Nissy Entertainment "5th Anniversary" BEST DOME TOUR]

Sunday, March 17 - Fukuoka Yafuoku! Dome (Fukuoka)

Saturday, March 30 - Nagoya Dome (Aichi)

Saturday, April 20 - Kyocera Dome Osaka (Osaka)

Sunday, April 21 - Kyocera Dome Osaka (Osaka)

Wednesday, April 24 - Tokyo Dome (Tokyo)

Thursday, April 25 - Tokyo Dome (Tokyo)