Nogizaka46, Aaa's Atae Shinjiro, And Solidemo Will Be Performing At 'waseda - Sai'

Nogizaka46, AAA's Atae Shinjiro, and SOLIDEMO will be performing at 'Waseda-sai'Waseda University's student group 'AGESTOCK2014 Executive Committee' will hold their event 'AGESTOCK2014 in Waseda-sai' on November 1 and 2 at Waseda campus and Toyama campus.

The event will feature live performances by Nogizaka46, Atae Shinjiro of AAA, and SOLIDEMO. Nogizaka46 will take the stage on November 1 at Toyama campus, while Atae Shinjiro and SOLIDEMO will perform on November 2 at Waseda campus. In addition, there will be a talk and fashion event by 'CanCam' models Kusumi Koharu and Hotta Akane on November 1 at Waseda campus.