Nogizaka46's Hashimoto Nanami Reveals Injury To Her Left Wrist

Nogizaka46's Hashimoto Nanami reveals injury to her left wristNogizaka46 member Hashimoto Nanami updated her official blog and revealed that she has an injury to her left arm.
She began, "I have something to tell you today," and continued by reporting her condition, "I can't move my left wrist since about 3 days ago."

While she hasn't revealed what's caused this to happen, it appears that her condition is under control. She's already made a visit to the doctor and is on her way to recovery.
As Hashimoto is scheduled to appear at 'GirlsAward 2015 SPRING?SUMMER' on the 29th, she called out, "I may have a supporter on my wrist during the live, but don't worry! I'll do my best!!"

Concerned fans left messages such as, "Are you okay?" and "Don't overdo it!"