Nogizaka46's Kitano Hinako To Take A Hiatus From Her Activities

Nogizaka46's Kitano Hinako to take a hiatus from her activities

It's been reported that Nogizaka46 member Kitano Hinako will temporarily stop her activities. 

Since summer, Kitano has taken a break from some activities due to her poor health. In order to focus on recovery, she decided to withdraw herself from all activities for the time being. On her blog, she revealed that she has not been well since last winter, "I struggled to make this decision as this is an important time for Nogizaka46 and myself." She continued, "It might be difficult for me to fully recover and return, but I will come back right away when I am in a better condition than I am in now."

Kitano plans on updating her blog while she's on break whenever she can.

We hope she gets well soon!