Not - To - Be - Missed Opportunity To Watch Kyoto's Geisha, 'maiko' Perform

Not-to-be-missed opportunity to watch Kyoto's geisha, 'maiko' perform

KYOTO- - Miyako Odori, one of Japan's head geisha occasions, is being held in another setting this year.

Performances commenced April 1 at the Shunjuza lobby of Kyoto Art Theater situated on the grounds of Kyoto University of Art and Design in the city's Sakyo Ward.

The yearly occasion held to proclaim the entry of spring in the old capital is typically arranged at the Gionkobu Kaburenjo theater in Gion, a conventional region that gloats various foundations where clients and travelers are engaged by geisha and "maiko" apprentices.

However, the theater is at present experiencing repairs to update its capacity to withstand earthquakes.

Geisha and maiko experienced their last practice session on March 31 preceding the begin of the exhibitions being held thrice day by day until April 23. There will be no exhibitions on April 10 and 17.

The topic of this current year's six-demonstration execution is the celebrated around the world picturesque spots in northern Kyoto, for example, the Kibune area, Kuramayama mountain and the Jakkoin temple.

Tickets are estimated at 4,600 yen ($41) and 3,500 yen.